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JAB ANSTOETZ Flooring - Collections

Wall-to-wall carpets

Uncomplicated luxury

NOBLESSE - qualities from classic cut pile carpet to trendy mini shag turn every room into a truly pampering experience for the feet.

A true all-rounder

SELECT - the matching wall-to-wall carpet for every taste and every furnishing style.


WOOLS - The carpet creations captivate with an especially cosy feel.


COSY - silky lustrous rugs in modern shag qualities.

Made-to-measure carpets

Natural friends forever

NATURA - Smart structures underscore the original character of the individual qualities.

Casual elegance

FAME - With its supple pile and its fine lustre this hardwearing velvet is a true highlight in every room.

Extra soft elegance

TWINKLE –The exquisite cut pile carpet impresses with its skillful blend of luxurious appearance, incredibly soft feel and outstanding durability.

Modern rugs

SOHO - clever qualities with a contemporary and modern complexion.

Dazzling charmer

INFINITY - this rug made of fine yarn captivates with its soft feel and a markedly elegant appearance.

Chic long pile

VIVA - show your true colours and get ready for a home full of ideas!

Fascination of felt

FELT AFFAIRS - classic patterns and techniques experience a revival.

new dimension of cosiness

CHARMY - the innovative high-tech material ensures more than just an exceptionally pleasant texture.

Handmade rugs

The colours of passion

LANA COLOR - With 187 colours in four flattering qualities the high-class pure new wool carpets provide made-to-measure living comfort.

Elementary designs

SECRETS – natural materials create effective depictions of phenomena from nature.


STARDUST - If you wish to achieve for the unusual, reach for the stars.

Artful combinations

THE RED THREAD COLLECTION - unique in its artful combination of patterns, colors and techniques.

Abstract designs

CHARACTERS STRUCTURES - fragments and lines are grouped into multilayer textures and patches of colour.

Creative treasures

CHARACTERS ARTISTS - the creations are works of art in textile form that turn the rug into a canvas.

Timeless home decor

CHARACTERS ORNAMENTS - artfully interwoven ornamentation tell of faraway cultures.

Natural beauties

CHARACTERS BOTANICS - blossoms, leaves and delicate branches breathe life into the rug.

Geometric accessories

CHARACTERS GRAPHICS - from sketch-like graphics emerge accomplished works of art.

Scottish patterns

CHARACTERS TARTANS - unusual rugs translate the plaids of the Scottish clans.

Flattering viscose

COSMO - impressive and unique surfaces with exquisite brilliant effects.

Design Floor · LVT

DESIGN FLOOR LVT - wood decor

WOOD – the multifaceted product range comprises of over 50 faithfully recreated decors in various different nuances.

DESIGN FLOOR LVT - stone decor

STONE – for use in kitchen and bathroom the stone decors are the perfect choice.

Click installation

CLICK – wherever the original floor covering must remain intact or maximum flexibility is required