Designer's LVT Flooring from Adramaq fulfils the highest of expectations in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. As a true premium product the attractive vinyl floor-coverings score thanks to first-class workmanship that guarantees extreme durability. Especial flexibility is provided not only by the numerous selected designs but also by the various wear layers, formats and installation options.

A classic design floor-covering, Designer’s LVT Flooring is a product characterised by its design focus. With their fine graining, the wood and stone decors are extremely realistic and thus are almost indistinguishable from the natural materials that inspire them.


The LVT design floor-coverings are available in different use classes so they are appropriate for both private homes and public and commercial buildings. As it is resistant to moisture, the vinyl-laminate is also perfect for use in kitchens and bathrooms. A loose-lay option has been developed for rooms in which the original floor should remain intact. This floor-covering can be installed without adhesive and removed without trace.


Each of the Adramaq decors has a completely individual surface design, giving them added authenticity. An elaborate embossing technique effectively underscores the characteristic structures of the wood and stone designs. The finely textured surface also gives the floor-coverings an interesting feel that is best enjoyed when barefoot.

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As well as classically sized products, innovative XL-formats are available. These LVT planks and tiles not only save valuable time when installing the flooring. The generous dimensions are also perfect for displaying the very natural wood and stone decors, giving the floor and indeed the entire room added character and expression.

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